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Privacy Policy

Your Information and Confidentiality

Just Energy
PO Box 10044, Dominion Rd, Auckland, 1446
0508 587 836

To become a Just Energy customer, we need you to provide us with certain information. We may not be able to process your application if the information is not provided. We may also obtain information about you and your energy supply including historic meter reading information from relevant third parties before you become our customer and at any point while you are our customer. This may include credit checking or reporting agencies, government agencies such as the Ministry of Justice, Work and Income, New Zealand Police and other energy suppliers.

You must tell us promptly if any of this information changes. Information about you will be held and used by us in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. Under the Privacy Act, you or any other joint customer under this contract may access and request the correction of any of the information we hold under this contract by contacting us. Our contact details are set out at the top of this document.

We may use any information we collect and hold about you for any or all of the following purposes:

  • To supply electricity to you
  • To invoice you
  • To carry out credit checks or debt collection, which may involve disclosure to a debt collection agency or a credit reporting agency. This information may be used by the credit reporting agency to update and maintain credit information and files, and may in turn be accessed by the credit reporting agency’s customers
  • To send you notices or contact you
  • In relation to any dealings we have with your Alternative Contact • To meet the requirements of the Electricity Governance Regulations and Rules
  • In regard to the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner Scheme in connection with any complaint made by you
  • To meet the requirements of the Distributor, the operators of the Grid or Network or a trust or co-operative that owns that Distributor
  • To contact the Distributor and/or the trust or co-operative that owns that Distributor so that they may pass on rebates or discounts or prepare electoral rolls of trust beneficiaries • To contact any person we are required by law to provide with information about you
  • To address mail to new occupants’ c/- your name on rural delivery routes, if necessary to ensure that mail is delivered to new occupants at your old address
  • To verify your identity when you contact us
  • To communicate promotional material to you from time to time

Under the Credit Reporting Privacy Code 2004 we are able to provide credit reporters with your “repayment history information”. This means that we will provide information relating to whether you meet, or miss your monthly account payments to credit reporting agencies. This information will in turn, be listed on your credit report held by the credit reporting agency.

If a permitted class of persons carries out a credit check on you, the Credit Reporting Privacy Code 2004 enables them to access your “repayment history information” held by a credit reporting agency. This allows them to determine whether you will be likely, given yourrepayment history, to pay your accounts with them.

If you have any questions in regards to our Privacy Policy, you are welcome to call us on 0508 587 836 or email customer.service@justenergy.co.nz